Retro gaming as it was meant to be played

We know why you’re reading this. You LOVE gaming. Who can blame you? We are passionate about it too. From way back to the early gaming days that saw such classics as Metal Slug, Unreal Tournament and if you’re a football fan you must have had the Superside Kicks Trilogy. Now we can bring you that amazing gaming experience once again…but this time it’s better.

This was when gaming was simple and emphasis was put on the playability of the game, not expansion packs and up-grades.

Embrace a time when some of the best loved games where new releases.

Why Choose CMVS?

  • Classic gaming at your finger tips – Play the games as they were originally developed
  • 100s of games available – play all games with this one system
  • Modern styled system – fits in nicely with your home decor
  • Stereo sound system – experience sound Originally Developed
  • Universal power supply – Suitable for everywhere
  • Biggest and truest Neo Geo game library – Home to many exclusive games.

The Technical Stuff:

  • Original SNK Hardware (MV-1C Motherboard)
  • Every Neo Geo joystick and controller ever made is compatible with Analogue CMVS Slim
  • High quality video outputs, all slimmed down to one simple DIN jack: Pure RGB (SCART), Component, S-Video, and Composite.
  • True Stereo Sound.
  • Unibios 3.0.


  • Real working dustflaps.
  • Compatible on virtually all high definition and standard definition televisions.
  • Universal small power supply that works virtually everywhere worldwide. 100-240v, 50-60Hz.
  • Brand new rechargeable battery. Save all your high scores reliably.
  • Blue power LED on front of Analogue CMVS Slim.
  • White power LED on front of Walnut Analogue CMVS Slim.

What are you waiting for? Order now due to limited stock.

The systems are also:

Entirely hand crafted and available in 100% Ebonized Ash & Walnut.

Also rest assured that a CMVS is hands down the best way to explore the world of Neo Geo. Don’t just take our work for it though see what others are saying:

“God damn. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” –

“There’s plenty of folks that will sell you a so-called “consolized” Neo Geo MVS arcade system, but you won’t find many quite as impressive as this bit of kit –

“…the best modification job we’ve ever seen.” –

“like the Bentley of video game consoles…It’s a work of art” – Classic Game Room

“quite possibly the sexiest piece of video gaming hardware we’ve yet laid eyes on, and it has single-handedly rekindled our love of SNK’s legendary system.” – Nintendo Life