Attract Mode with RetroPie

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Attract Mode with RetroPie

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Please note

This is not part of the RetroPie project. It is not part of the Attract Mode project.
It is just a pre-built image that combines the two, as a proof of concept. There is no official support for this build.

Also, if you do want help, check out these 2 great sites I try to help out on: - Official RetroPie - Official Attract Mode

Please note, there are some unofficial groups that help distribute copyright games/roms as well as linking here, I dont support these in any way.
I cannot help with any instructions you may receive from those sites, and cannot help explain why their configs dont work.


Video Guide
v0.1 -
v0.2 -
v0.4 -
v0.5 -

Image for Raspberry Pi (Pi2 and Pi3) (seems easier to download in Chrome)
Unzip to get the .img file, then write that to a micro SD card.
v0.1 -!PEgTGI5L!dFR64cArZYno ... HRAbGAop-c (2.2GB)
v0.2 -!3NJ20K6S!uJ06NWATizmD ... cClwNe8qo4 (1.3GB)
v0.3 -!SEwiWTxZ!PcMQmhuENII0 ... GuZtzIz7X0 (1.25GB)
v0.4 -!GQRFBaAT!0QCuQYuxyg92 ... hMZlzC6JTE (1.12GB)
v0.4 - (Artwork Version)!mAogEIIZ!t9uoDxFfFzfh ... RScJFziK78 (17.62GB)
v0.5 -!OIQFyZbZ!_GrdiQTnJ_IV ... 298tISJa1k (2.52GB)

Please resize the filesystem using the "sudo raspi-config" command.

Version History
10th April 2016 - v0.1
- First Version

16th April 2016 - v0.2
- RetroPie 3.7
- Attract Mode 2.0.0 - 15th April 2016
- Shaders configured for RetroArch emulators
- AM configs pre-configured to match most RetroPie emulators
- Artwork directories created in the roms directories of the systems
- Extra AM layouts/themes pre-installed
- Exit to from AM to ES and vice versa
- Added MAME controls.ini, nplayer.ini, catver.ini to help filters in AM
- Fixed keyboard hang (hacked boot delay)
- Added boot script by Shakz (to flip between ES and AM)
- Hide motd, rainbow splashscreen and raspberry logo appearing
- Hide last login and uname output
- Stop white screen with X boot info showing
- Selected new version of Robospin as default theme
- Setting correct aspect ratio for re-configured systems
- Various small tweaks
- Install intro video for AM

2nd May 2016 - v0.3
- Recompiled AM with new SFML so X is no longer needed (
- This means runcommand now works under Attract Mode, and emulators that use SDL 1.2 can now be run with attractmode outside of X with hardware scaling.
- Advmame for example scaled only in software in X. Now it will use hardware scaling.
- Updated configs to no longer start X
- Updated Emulators to use runcommand ( ... runcommand)

7th May 2016 - v0.4
- Kodi Installed
- Daphne Installed
- Updated some Attract Mode layouts
- Added more emulator configs

8th May 2016 - v0.4 Artwork
- As 0.4 but with MAME artwork
- Stored under the mame-libretro roms directory
- Credits to and omegaman on the AM forums
- Full credits and author details in the readme folder

23rd August 2016 - v0.5
- RetroPie 4.0.1 (22nd August)
- Attract Mode 2.1.0 (22nd August)
- Experimental version of Emulation Station with grid mode
- Video Manager tool pre-installed, but not configured
- RetroPie setup script accessible within Attract Mode
- No X mode installed/configured

Known Issues
- AM startup error
AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "pulse"
glGetError 0x500
glGetError 0x500
glGetError 0x500

To Do
- Auto resize image partitions
- Remove console output for clean boot
- Change scripts to not reboot when switching FE?
- Use integer scaling?
- Other Stuff


Attract Mode

Videos, marquee, wheel images etc. from:

Wiki entry to build Attract Mode (Make sure that last bracket in the url copies across) ... an-Jessie)

General Help with attract mode:

Theme used (Robospin)