Slim CMVS NEO GEO Black Ash


  • Entirely hand crafted and available in 100% Ebonized Ash & Walnut.
  • Completely seamless from all visible angles, no screws or nails.
  • Protective Rubber Feet
  • Blue LED Power Light
  • AV Input

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An original Neo Geo MVS arcade system modified and installed in a custom enclosure to play through your home theater setup. Compatible with every single MVS game, region free, anywhere in the entire world, on virtually all televisions.

The Technical Stuff:

  • Original SNK Hardware (MV-1C Motherboard)
  • Every Neo Geo joystick and controller ever made is compatible with Analogue CMVS Slim
  • High quality video outputs, all slimmed down to one simple DIN jack: Pure RGB (SCART), Component, S-Video, and Composite.
  • True Stereo Sound.
  • Unibios 3.0.


  • Real working dustflaps.
  • Compatible on virtually all high definition and standard definition televisions.
  • Universal small power supply that works virtually everywhere worldwide. 100-240v, 50-60Hz (2 prong US plug socket)
  • Brand new rechargeable battery. Save all your high scores reliably.
  • Blue power LED on front of Analogue CMVS Slim.
  • White power LED on front of Walnut Analogue CMVS Slim.

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Additional information

Front Height

2 inches (50.8 mm)



Back Height

3.45 inches (87.7 mm)


12 inches (304.8 mm)


11.2 inches (284.5 mm)


4.8 pounds (2.8 kg)